Sentinel-2 Anomaly Database

The Sentinel-2 on-line anomaly database provides a searchable access to the list of known anomalies on Sentinel-2 products. This database includes both on-board anomalies (usually irrecoverable) and processing anomalies (potentially recoverable), and covers image data as well as metadata and format anomalies. For each anomaly, a short description and illustrations are provided. Affected products are defined and the status of the anomaly is presented.

The search interface allows to list anomalies potentially affecting a given product or a list of products. Queries can be performed using a product name, a sensing orbit number, a sensing date or processing baseline. Anomalies classified as “systematic” are returned if and only if they affect the selected products. On the other hand, anomalies classified as “random” may not affect the selected products.

In addition to the search interface, this website provides a REST API (Application Programming Interface) for machine-to-machine access using scripts. The API provides two services: